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What songs are great for the wedding dance

The father-daughter wedding dance is very similar to the mother-son dance. One is usually followed by the other, and both are a way to shine a spotlight on the person who helped guide you through life.

Dads and daughters have a special relationship, which is often highlighted through wedding traditions. Even as more women chose not to call it being “given away,” it is often still meaningful for brides to be walked down the aisle by their fathers.

As you consider integrating the tradition into your wedding, questions will likely arise – What song should we choose? 

The Father-daughter wedding dance is one of the touching moment during the wedding. Find a unique song for the father-daughter wedding dance.

Here’s some songs on YouTube you can check:

Wedding Dance

Make you feel my love – Glee’s version

Through the years Instrumental

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross

In my blood by Shawn Mendez

I will be here by Tracy Champman

Lights of a million mornings by Regine Velasquez

Million miles away by Joey Albert

Daddy dance with me by Krystal Keith

Dance with my father by Jason Blaine


Daddy’s Angel

Never Enough


In my daughter’s eyes by Martina Mcbride

Daddy’s little girl by Michael Bubble

I’ll always be your baby by Nathalie Grant

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