Lolly Poppins – Candy Tables and Lollipops



Variety and colour

Due to our large volume of lolly that we purchase we are able  to get the best prices that we can pass on to you



General Lollies

Lolly Tables are supplied with a standard range of lollies which will include

Small lollypops, Rock Candy, jelly lollies, caramels, gummies, sours and chewing gums. These will often be wrapped while scoops and tongs will normally be supplied for unwrapped lollies


Items such as Chocolates, licorice or Fudge will not normally be supplied as part of the basic package.

If you have any specific lolly type please advice this detail on your enquiry.



Standard Lollypops will be supplied as part of the standard package

Large pin wheel lolly pops are not normally supplied in a Candy table, as these are normally supplied as a Table display

Quotes on large lollypops or dressing up and theming small lolly pops as an extra can be requested

Manufacture Items

We are able to manufacture display pieces or eatable items out of a range of lollys

Due to the manufacturing process these are usually constructed from either soft jelly lolly or marshmellows.

We are however happy to design your concept in our design kitchen if you have that special idea you want.