Candy Themed Tables & Lolly Displays
Candy Themed Tables & Lolly Displays

Lollipop Brides

Ms Lolly Poppins supplies a range of Lollipop  Wedding Bouquets styles and colours but you cant go past a nice traditional Black and White Lollipop Bouquet is always popular

These can also be used as a replacement for a real flower arrangement as they are constructed in such a way that the Lollipop sticks can be used to sit the arrangement on the table.

Great as a gift or as a wedding Bouquet

Feel like putting on some Bright Scarlet Lippy and come out of your shell and express yourself on your special day

Ms lolly Poppins can build a beautiful Bouquet of Red and whatever to make you stand out on the day

How about adding a shout out – look at me with Ms Lolly Poppins brightly coloured Wedding Bouquet?

These are normally made from just a mixture of Candy (Giant Lollipops) and Ribbon with a little bit of blink but by request we can supply long lasting flowers for that little feminine touch.

Everyone knows that a woman is always Pretty in Pink!

So why not have the same focus on you during that special day

Whether it’s glamming up the Bride or the Brides Maids you can never go wrong in Pink

Ask Ms Lolly Poppins about the Pretty Pinks she can supply.

Made to Order.

That’s right, even though Ms Lolly Poppins has a number of standard Bouquets that she supplies she is happy to make any Bouquet or Lollipop flower arrangement that you can think of.

Just get in touch and let her know what you are thinking. 

She can work with you from concept, through to design and then final delivery