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Getting Married in Covid Times – Your Bouquet

Wedding trends come and go, and this year will be no different, the landscape really wasn’t made up of trends as much as it was couples figuring out an entirely new way to wed.

 Weddings aren’t going to be a flash in the pan kind of thing; rather, they’re here to stay. And as 2021 starts to strut its stuff (in a world that’s beginning to get vaccinated), we can’t wait to see how the postponed nuptials from 2020 turn out. We wouldn’t be shocked if all the plan Bs materialize into even better events than were originally planned – after all, they’ll have a lot of hands-on attention from those who were  engaged  in the midst of the pandemic, is off the charts for those of you who were wondering!)

Keeping it simple, personal and all about you, you can still have the wedding you dreamed of, but maybe it is even better as you put your thinking cap on to what is important to you both.

In years passed your Mum probably kept her most personal things from her wedding to pass down to her children , Her wedding dress, Cake toppers, Garter belt and in a lot of instances her dried flowers.

But times have changed and in a minimalistic world we don’t keep all that stuff, so why spend Thousand on something you wont use again.

Check out some of these alternatives to your wedding bouquet,  It looks great but will taste any better and do you know anyone who has got a hang over from eating a bouquet.  Start a new trend.

If you need help iwith a ready made Lolly bouquet, then head over to my website and have a look around.

Robyn the Lolly Poppin Lady