Lolly Poppins – Candy Tables and Lollipops

About Ms Poppins

Welcome to Lolly Poppins. 

My grandfather was a confectioner,  and my mother was a secret chocolate hoarder, we always found her stash in the same place in her knitting bag, so my love of lollies began very early in my life.  My favourites being dark chocolate, spearmint leaves, Milk bottles,  red love hearts and pineapple lumps.

I started Lolly Poppins because I wanted to share this love by providing every person with a selection of lollies I know you will love,  in a way that will make you want to eat more.  Forget the diet because your event will pop as I know you are all like me and love Lollies ( you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.  It will reignite your love of lollies.

What will you get out of your event?   Guests who will say wow,  loved the Lolly table, such a good idea,  You won't have to do anything at all,  Just leave it to me from ordering your favourite lollies, to table set up and pack up.

Be sure that you get in first though!

Robyn Clews