Candy Themed Tables & Lolly Displays


Let your imagination soar with Lolly Poppins!

Here  at Lolly Poppins, specialists in Candy Tables and lolly displays, we promise  that we will make sure your event is memorable, by delivering confectionery in a way that will delight your guests, 

Depending on your event we can tailor the table to your needs whether it be colour or theme

Elevate your next celebration or event, and inspire creativity with perfect colours and mixes.

We can take your bridal showers, gender reveals, weddings, birthdays and corporate events to the next level! 




Lolly Tables

 Candy  tables are  made up of  a selction  of  lollies & Lollipops beautifully decorated jars and bowls

Depending on the number of guests attending our display will start with 7 different displays jars.  Minimum 30 people.  The more people attending the more display jars you will have crammed with yummy candy


Table Displays

To compliment your Candy table, we can add extra table displays to enhance each guests  table,an  offering for those who like to nibble in private, ( who can resist lollies). 

These will be priced as a group item (i.e. 5 centrepieces) and could cost from $30 upwards dependant on size, number and complexity


Themed Events

Is your event is based on a  special event, like a birthday, wedding, or baby reveal, Product launch, Fairy Party, Teenage Hangout?

Once we know what your event  theme is then we can provide a table of lollies displayed in a way that will enhance the setup and theme of your room.


Candy Props

Enhancing the Candy jars with props will add flair and pizzazz to your event.   Let us know what your theme is and leave the rest to me

 These may include props like baby bottles or prams for Baby reveals,  Mr & Mrs signs or love plates for engagement or wedding, congratulations sign, or items themed to your event. These are included in the overall service

Lolly Bags

We can supply take away bags on the lolly table for people to take a bag to their seating, or for you to distribute leftover lollies.

We can also supply the same volume of lollies  as a Candy table but offer these as boxed seating displays